Rescue Journal

and so it is done....

Alison  ·  Apr. 16, 2007

i am finished with the whole fractured ankle thing. i see the surgeon on thursday for assessment and then i plan on returning to work next week. i am trying to wean myself off of the air boot and learn to walk without a limp. this will take some time because it still gets sore and swollen but i am sure if i ignore it long enough it will eventually just go away.

and the really big news is today is the first day that i will be cleaning the entire main shelter all by myself. it has been a long time but i need to get back at it so i have a routine in place before i go back to work. i think it is the routine that was the biggest loss for me. it took me years of slowly adjusting and growing with saints to learn how to get everything done while worling a full time job. and after almost four months of tons of great help, i have lost that routine on how to juggle it all in a single 14-16 hour day.

i am kind of scared that i won't be able to find it which is stupid to worry about cuz i know that i will. but sadly i must admit i seem to have to worry about something so for now i guess this is it. all i can say is thank god it is spring time and i am not trying to re-learn this with shortened, early dark days. because at least for the next few months the days will get longer so i will have more and more working time to figure it out.

my most favorite images from this weekend were:

ellie and percy galloping playfully beside us as we returned from the bottom field with some really nice guests.

lexie loving the hands of amanda on her face as much as she loves feeling mine.

tom trotting around like a hobbit and hoping for just one more peice of cake.

molly wrapped in bev's arms and lap and content to be so gently held.

tiny itsy bitsy chicklet telling poor picked on sandy to get the heck out of her room.

and finally a ton of my most favorite dogs, joining me and their most favorite people for a late afternoon picnic out in the yard.

my least favorite image, we can all guess well....

it was maudie with her new newfie friend. (i am waiting to hear from the vet if they will spay her ASAP despite her heat because i am not waiting in case she grows pups, and since maude is apparently the wonder mutt in all respects, we can almost assuredly bet that she will)