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The vet bills are climbing and the money is shrinking

Alison  ·  Apr. 16, 2007

that is just the way of the senior/sick animal rescue world. and there is no doubt that we make some choices, that effects how quickly the money flows back to the vets, like having mosie pass from life on her bed in the kitchen instead of stressing her out in a clinic which is cheaper, or covering the cruciate surgery on one of our healthy senior foster dogs instead of consigning her to medicated pain controlled lameness, or providing miss molly and little chicklet with a mouth free of infected and painful abcessed teeth, instead of just periodic antibiotics to control the infection, or choosing to spay maude while she is still in heat which is much more expensive than waiting but waiting means risking aborting her possible pups which is not something any of us want to do. as the vet bills climb and money becomes scarce, all of us start to worry. so we plan a big fundraiser to help bring some cash to pay their vet bills so our animals can continue to have what they need.

but the fundraiser is less than a month away, and the tickets are not selling fast enough. and so now we worry about not doing well and all that will mean if we fail. saints is such a wonderful place, i know this is true for two reasons. i see the happiness in the eyes of our animals and i see the happiness in the hearts of the humans who come to visit our very special animal friends. and those two things tell me this place is special.

so this time i am not asking for donations to help us, we are willing to work hard to raise the money we need to care for our friends. i am asking the people who love the saints and what their home stands for, to join us for a night to celebrate their lives and help them continue to enjoy them for as long as they can.

the ones who found homes in 2007, like hank, sanderson, honey, mable, murphy, jenny and hannah who were destined to die alone and unloved because they were old. and the ones who this year ended their lives already like isaac, moses, cedric, norton, lola and mosie. all of them died in arms that loved them. and for all of the others who will probably die here yet this year like, dexter, jack, tom, pops, panda, jesse, bill, and our beloved troll micheal....and for every one of them that still live here and the ones who are yet to come, and all the others like pleeze, ellie and percy who avoided their natural fate of infantile slaughter and found safety and happiness inside our gates....that is who we will celebrate on may the 12th 2007, and who our hard work for this one fundraising night will help.

please, if you can, join us. the tickets are available on line or at saints.



thx caroline...i got it and will write it up tonight and send...thank you!


Carol, Mike will email you shortly so you guys can have something in the Post.


caroline, that would be great!
see you guys on wednsday, mosie was a sweetie.

Francesca Wilson

Dear Carol

Marie and I will come by on Wednesday to do whatever.... we also have towels and some animal food to bring.

Seems like lots has been happening and I am sorry we didn't get to meet dear Mosie.

take care