Rescue Journal

sick babes and cake thieves.

Alison  ·  Apr. 18, 2007

molly is home, she lost ALL of her teeth, poor babe. she is on tramadol for pain and as much soft food as she wants which is not alot right now. but in the end, she will feel alot better without those hurting, rotten things.

i am starting to worry a bit about old tom, he has quite a distended anal area...hmmm, anal gland impaction or rectal cancer. i will try to get him vet checked in the next couple of days.

the vet came and checked out percy, who has had a very mild cough for a couple of days. he has the beginnings of pneumonia and was given a couple of antibiotic injections. he is still eating and drinking and goofing around so the vet said not to worry, but the vet didn't have janice giving him crap yesterday because the two babies ( percy and ellie) weren't put to bed in the barn for a mid afternoon nap to keep them healthy and strong.

jack is starting her sleep-alot-routine again she pretty much only wakes up to demand to be fed.

and eva took me out for dinner tonight, and when i got home, someone had stolen and eaten mo's birthday cake. someone is not as smart as she thinks she is cuz the guilty always wear a guilty face. her chin was a dead give away with a little tiny bit of white frosting. phoebe is a twit. i do hope she shared some with dexter and michael.



Ha Ha Ha , wish you'd gotten a picture , I can just see Phoebe doing her " aren't I pretty sitting here all sweet & innocent " ... I think Ellie wants the leftovers : - )

Hope little Mollie is feeling better today !