Rescue Journal

simple matters are not always simple

Alison  ·  Apr. 20, 2007

i went all day without my airboot and now my ankle hurts. i still have to go out to the barn, feed everyone, and put them to bed. which is a simple thing or should be, except....i have to get past ellie fast and into the barn and lock the door before that baby dinosaur figures out what i am up to or i will end up on the open losing side of the barn door and she will be in that barn bezerking and screaming that this baby pig is starving to death.

eliie is smart, and ellie is way faster than me (esp if my ankle hurts). i would have been ok, if i had just left those timbits alone. but mo brought them this afternoon and left them on the counter and i have been picking at them and sharing them with the dogs. timbits would have been the perfect distracter to keep ellie busy while i made my somewhat crippled barn door dash. there are still a few left but i am not sure a few are enough cuz she can suck back food like some kind of super sonic, speed of light, vacuum.

oh well, i can sit here and worry about it or i can get off my butt and go give it a try...oh ellie, please be a good girl and please be busy somewhere far down in the lower pasture and please anyone else who hears me coming, shhhh, don't tell ellie i am on my way.