Rescue Journal

another sunday at saints

Alison  ·  Apr. 22, 2007

good golly miss molly moved over to chris and deb's home today. molly and angelina bonded and chris and deb caved! molly is gonna love it over there, and they are going to have a blast having her too. i however miss her already, i should have made them take phoebe too.

i feel the need to educate about the complexity of medical issues. a heart murmur is not just a heart murmur, irritable bowel disease is not just an irritated bowel, asthma is not the same for every human or animal, allergies do not have one single cure, auto-immune diseases are as shadowy and complex as can be and different as all of the stars, all medical conditions that are named, and some that are not, are different and unique to each individual. so what works for your neighbor's cousin's sister in law probably won't work for you. the history's are different, the original cause, the actual course of the disease, the contributing factors and the damage already done are varied and the body experiencing the disease is truly unique too...there is no single answer, there is no single right way, there is only what works and to what degree and what doesn't or makes matters worse.

this weekend alone we received cures and advice for cures on romeo, wilbur, buddy, sissy and spritely and i will talk to the vets about all of them but the vets are getting tired of my asking about various and different treatments every other week. one of them told me that even the fact that we are managing the animals as profoundly affected as they are, is a miracle. why on earth would we start messing with other stuff, do we want to go back with them to where they once were?...nooo...but it would be nice to cure them altho i know that is just a pipe dream. i see too many chronically ill humans who are medically managed but cannot be cured. the same is true for animals altho for some reason we think that we should be able to cure them if we were really doing a good job and just tried harder.

i am tired tonight, 3 hours of sleep has left me brittle and bagged. i wish things were as easy as everyone thinks they are, but they aren't. i couldn't even get out of here today to hit the cash machine because of all of the popping in and out that goes on around here and all the chores and next things to do that still needed to be done. saints is a huge monster of millions of things and little bits and pieces and keeping it all together and working well, makes for a very long day.

i think i will go have a bath and read to my new friend hook. that should be easy. but then you never know.


Chris T

Molly is doing well. She keeps shark attacking Sienna which is kind of funny. Sienna does not know what to do with her. She loves roast beef and was starting to turn her nose up at canned food already. She took her meds like a trooper and Angelina is busy getting the mats out of her coat - she will look really good when that is done.

Oh, we were wondering how to get her to do her pilates routine and then realized that her feet will have to touch the ground. We will work on it for tomorrow...