Rescue Journal

the book that hook and i are reading...

Alison  ·  Apr. 23, 2007

is "the alchemist". we just started it but we both like it alot, ok, well... i like it, and hook likes to be read to. tonight we read about "personal legends" and this was really interesting. the king of salem told the young shepherd boy that all of us as children know our personal legends. they are the dreams that we have on how we want to live our lives. the king said that mostly as we grow up we talk ourselves out of our dreams and then we forget what our personal legends are. sometimes tho, we remember them later.

when i was a child, i wanted to be surrounded by animals, every different kind. i wanted them to be my very good friends...ha! i am living my personal legend right now. reading that passage made me laugh. hook didn't see why it was funny.