Rescue Journal

time to get moving

Alison  ·  Apr. 25, 2007

sigh...little tom hobbit needs a lap today so i can get some work done. it is harder to be mean and just boot him off when personally i don't feel like moving anyway....ahhh tom, you may just become an excuse. tom is starting to scare me, he is way too much like peter and after all of these months, i still miss little peter alot.

jess is a worry right now, she is a chronic URI carrier. she started with another cold late last week and was started back on her usual meds. both julie and i thought she looked not too bad on sunday and it seemed that the meds were doing their thing. but monday morning when i went in to see her, she was an absolute mess. her sinus's are draining purulent discharge and her eye looks like someone poked it with a stick. i switched her oral meds and added a steriod antibiotic eye ointment instead of just plain antibiotic ointment and maybe this morning she looks marginally better and maybe that eye is slightly less inflamed. geez, usually when a resistence is built up to long term meds there is some warning, like not getting better, not jessie's version of of plain "holy crap!' anyway, we are going to be in trouble if jess's URI continues to build resistence, we barely keep her managed as it is, we will be sunk when the meds stop to work. luckily her appetite is still really good.

i just got back from a quick morning visit to say hi to all of the guys in the barn, swinger was less swingy, spritely's leg is looking good today, gideon's eye looks better too. ellie wanted a quick belly rub before she tackles her outside the barn day, percy was hoping i brought a second bottle, gee sorry babe. and tunie was contentedly eating her breakfast and waiting for everyone to get out of her barn. it is so happy and peaceful out there in the morning.

better get moving, i have alot to get done today.



Whoo Hoo the pasture is growing.. because I won't have seen it for 5 days ... I'll bet it'll look really different to me... I'm going to use that as the silver linning to my having to go back to work. I can picture it in my head & can't wait for the day when it is really nice & the barn guys are all hanging out eating it instead of hanging out by the feance looking in at it : - o

Chris T

I hear you! I am having one of those days but if I stayed in bed everytime I felt bad I would never get out of bed!


no is my "rest" day cuz i worked yesterday and apparently occupational health says i need to rest after the first day back. they totally miss the whole work yourself to work thing. if i rested every time is was sick, sore, tired, hurt or injured...i'd never get out of bed, i am getting old...i think it is supposed to hurt. and that is why they make NSAIDS (non-steriodal anti inflammatory drugS) so old, tired, sore people can pretend they aren't.


Gosh 3 weeks off work gave me the ability to get out to SAINTS during the week as well as the weekends... Now I am paying the price & experiencing SAINTS withdrawal .. I'm not sure if reading the Blog helps or hurts... I'll decide later. Really glad to hear Gideons eye looks better , but sorry to hear Jess is having a rough time.

Nicole - Could you feel all my positive vibes this morning ???


saints sheep are more than willing to help out with the lawn mowing around here... bless their little helpful hearts

the center of the house floors are done, the first of the laundry is in...2 catrooms, 2 dog rooms to go and then i am planting grass!

holy crap!!! it is 11:30 already!

Chris T

Yes but you will have to keep her off of it long enough for it to grow!!! Besides it just means more to mow!


we won't even talk about stupid freaking ankles, bloody, rotten, uncooperative, interferring, obnoxious things.

let's talk about grass seed, i just got back from buying some that i hope will repair phoebe's fence fighting tract. i want grass there gol' darn it!

Chris T

Have a good day. Don't try to do it all in one day Carol! Take it easy on your ankle.