Rescue Journal

happy things

Alison  ·  Apr. 26, 2007

when i want to be distracted from too many not so great things, i think about happy stuff, so here is my happy list for today.

i gave jack a bath yesterday cuz she smelled like urine since now she just lays where she pees and OMG instead of getting upset like she usually does, she actual;ly enjoyed herself for a change. when she was clean and rinsed, i emptied the sink and layered the sink bottom with towels. so she rolled all around and rubbed her little face and really was quite helpful with getting dried off. she was so freaking cute! and she still smells good today too!

deb put the barn guys to bed last night for me and witnessed ellie's full infantile rage. this sweet little pig has the same arsenic/dinner hour tantrums as small human children do...i wonder if for both it is caused by low bloods sugars. i am going to try to remember to give ellie a mid afternoon snack just in case. and since anything and everything about ellie makes me happy, she gets to be on my happy list today.

and the best news of all is the arrival of "sonny crockett extrordinaire"...i commissioned his making from a friend of mine as my contribution to the silent auction. just wait til you guys see him, he is without a doubt, the absolutely COOLEST sock monkey in the world! i am expecting a flurry of hot bidding for this one and only hot sock monkey ever made. (i might just bid on him myself!)



i am chuckling...she is cute and sweet and smart and gentle too, except when she is hungry at the end of the day...then she is a spoiled rotten monster pig...but a pretty darn funny one too! and i told you to take her some treats to keep her busy while you made her dinner, then she only has mild little fits til the door is open for her to go straight in for dinner.
i love that pig!


I fully expected Ellie's head to do a full 360 and for her to spew pea soup. If there is a remake of The Exorcist, she's a shoe-in for Linda Blair's part. The little monster was having a full-on hissy fit. She banged her head, pounded the door with her hooves, and screamed like someone was murdering her.
I keep hearing how sweet Ellie is, how smart Ellie is, how cute Ellie is. How about the fact that Ellie is a spoiled rotten monster pig?