Rescue Journal

it takes exactly 3 hours and 45 minutes....

Alison  ·  Apr. 27, 2007

to clean every cat box, change every wet bed, sweep and wash every floor, fill every food and water bowl, feed every cat and frail dog, canned food, wipe down every counter, couch and surface, bleach out the cat run cement, feed and put the barn guys to bed. i know this because i started at 2 pm and i am just finished now.

and i would have been even faster if gideon and ellie didn't mess me up. i went out there tossing bits of cheese buns so i could get at the barn door and ellie who has figured out my trick, grabbed a mouthful and made a mad dash to beat me there before i had even gotten the door open. so i led her back to the bootie which had mysteriously disappeared down gideon's throat, what freaking horse eats cheese buns for gawds sakes? and now i had nothing to distract ellie from me. she barreled right in the barn with me, but good petunia stopped her dead in her tracks which was just long enough for me to close that inside gate, and GOD!!! i love that freaking gate!!!!!

Eva is here after a long day of working elsewhere and is doing up the rabbits. and lynne came and took copper for a walk, scooped and pooped the dog yard and even took home a couple of loads of stinky, wet laundry...that all helped ALOT!!!!

and that is why it only took 3 hours and 45 minutes to get all the basics done!