Rescue Journal

hooked by a hobbit

Alison  ·  Apr. 28, 2007

it is aren't even aware. one minute he is a pain in the butt weiner dog and the next he has the cutest warm blooded tiny furry turtle feet and you a slave to a turtle-foot hobbit wearing a sweater vest. it is because their will to own you is so strong. i am easy, i willl love anyone, i actually do love them all and most everyone loves me right back (ok so hank didn't, and the rabbits like eva better). but the ones who decide that they own me, like lexi, maudie, ellie, percy, pops, rainbow, sam, endora, frodo and tom...those are the ones who really get to me, cuz there is such a huge burden of responsibility when you are truly owned. most of them are like buddy and sissy, they want me when they want me and the rest of the time i am free. they are the easiest to care for because they are ok sharing as long as they don't need me right then.

tom now just assumes i will provide for him, every single thing that he wants, every single moment of each day. and if i am busy or ignoring him, he just follows me around, reminding me of my job and his priority of needs.

others try to own me too, like bonnie and phoebe. but they are unsure of their own personal power and therefore question if they actually caught me forever or not. it is that uncertainty that occasionally lets me off their hook. and i can remain objective to some degree and get some work done. i hope they and some of the others don't ever figure it out, because between my own animals and the ones who already own me, i am stretched pretty thin as it is.

ratz...i thought i could resist the hobbit, he started out as such a pain in the neck, weiner with feet. oh well tom, don't think for an instant that i won't still place you. i will find you a better person to own than just me if i can.