Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Apr. 30, 2007

you know.....i have very little personal space here, 2 kitchen cupboards (which the cats go into), one closet (which holds a litter box and food and water bowls), one bathroom (which has a cat in it, but he's my cat so i guess he doesn't count), one bedside shelf thing, a computer desk (which boo pukes hairballs on and knocks my stuff on the floor when she wants more room)), a couple of book shelves (that they all climb over and sleep on) and my body shape upon my bed (of which the cats still lay on when i am sleeping and take over completely the second i am out of bed) i selfishly laid claim to a foot and a half of extra floor space, under and just in front of the bedside shelf thing, to store the several different and expensive pairs of shoes that i just bought so i could walk better. and there i leave my worn but comfy mephisto slip on's that i shove my feet into every morning so i can safely make it to bathroom, tea kettle and mop first thing every morning. some little bastard pee'd on them, ALOT, last night. so now i am in a bad mood because the first thing i felt this morning was both my feet in a huge puddle of cold pee.

as i am washing one foot in the bathroom sink and thinking very unkind and violent thoughts, hook comes out from his bed in the cupboard to say good morning, sniffs my still one unwashed foot and said...."""ohh, that must really suck."

i haven't even gone back in there yet to see if whoever got all my new work footwear too, oh i will be so pissed off if whoever did. that was just plain mean and stupid and if i knew who actually did it, that animal would be in very big trouble. what a pissy way to start the day. i freaking hate leaky animal rescue!

(life would be easier if i could just walk on water...sigh, actually the reality is...i walk in cold urine instead. hook is right, it sucks)



I'm sorry, but this post cracked me up! I can just picture you muttering to yourself while washing your foot in the sink. I hope your super-cool, expensive Merrells are pee free, but thanks for the chuckle. :)


it is because he is still bottle fed makes for softer baby pooh. he is so cute, he sticks to you too!


O.K. about stepping in gross stuff...why is it that Percy poo sticks to your shoe badly when you step in it & it takes real effort to get it off the sole of your footwear..... when Gideon, Swinger, Spritely, Ellie & Toonie poo just flattens onto the ground & stays there ??? I am so not a fan of cow poo !!!

Chris T

We have to keep all of our footwear up on something or it gets eaten! Hopefully the pee will dry quickly! There is nothing worse than stepping in something gross when you hve just woken up!