Rescue Journal

ahhh, the good ole human race

Carol  ·  May 1, 2007

greg told me last night that while i was at work, john had seen a truck pull up to our upper farm gate. they got out of the truck and saw it was locked and drove away. there was a llama in the back of the truck, john was afraid they were stealing carl. so he ran out there to stop them but they were gone and carl was safe where he should be.

dare i think that someone was thinking of dumping a llama in our upper field? why else would they be taking their llama for a ride? and where exactly is that poor llama now? we are taking that lock off that gate today. it is not that i want people dumping their animals here, but good lord where else may they have left him? i hope he is ok and they found somewhere safe and i really don't need this worry right now. poor guy.

the guys that i rented the big shop to for the last year and a half are gone, they were nice guys while they were here, they loved that huge shop and the rent was so cheap and it became their guys hang out place to play with fixing old cars. i gave them 2 months notice and their last month rent free because i felt bad but saints needed the space. they have not spoken even once to me since. they left all of their garbage and big heavy dead engine/transmission things and greg says it is many trips to the dump to haul it all away. they threw all the breakers so the power was off and then broke the key off in the lock last night too. they spray painted a disgusting and disrespectful note below a playboy picture pinned to the wall. i think that bothered me the most, i don't like ignorant men who think woman are just things hanging on walls for their sole enjoyment and rude abuse. i don't know why nice people do not nice things when they get mad because they lost something that was never theirs. and i don't know why they pretend to be nice when they aren't.

those young men don't know that the sum of ourselves is not just the goodness inside us the times that we want others to see and believe, it is the bad things that really define us, the things we mostly hide away until we feel we have the right to be angry and then let our real selves off of our leash to get even.

oh well, the human race really holds no surprises, it is always just about "me"

and here i am chuckling cuz i am the same about the importance of me....happy birthday to me today too. (not everyone gives you nice stuff for gifts, some give you garbage and headaches but i do wish i had gotten a llama instead of a worry...please let that llama be safe and ok)



Happy Birthday Carol!!! Forget the idiots who defaced your shop, and the other idiots who tried to dump a Llama, Think abour Maudie and Tom and Ellie and Percy and Lexi and Jack and Petunia and (dear God) Phoebe and all the other SAINTS, past and present who love you in the truest, sweetest, most encompassing sense of the word.
There are some humans who think you are pretty damn amazing, too. :)
Enjoy John Mayer :( At least enjoy the time you spend with your daughter.


Good Lord, grown men acting like adolescent children, I'm a believer of what goes around comes around , just wish i could witness the comes around when it does come around.

HAPPY HAPPY B DAY CAROL !!!!! I will take you out for garlic & cheese shrimp, with a Blueberry tea to follow. The world became a better place when you were born : - )