Rescue Journal

Molly update!

Chris  ·  May 1, 2007

Well Molly had her re-check at the vet's today. She had all of her teeth removed shortly before coming here. Her mouth is fine, pretty much healed and no inflammation. She has gained a 1/4 of a pound since she had her teeth out! Not bad considering her mouth must have been sore. She is eating like a horse here. She is getting pre-ground chicken raw with bone. We will switch to other meats once she adjusts. She lovers her raw food! She even stole a big hunk of beef from Kirby today and he let her. She is fitting in well - even my mother liked her! She is going to the dikes everyday with Angelina and Deb and all the big dogs and she runs like crazy. Oh, and she prefers to do her pilates in the morning!