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bad dogs!

Carol  ·  May 3, 2007

i had it all planned out. i slept in til 8 am, got up, paid the on-line hydro/gas bills et el, emptied my account but at least everything got paid. and THEN i was going to clean the place up, set up the cages for the 2 new cats for when nicole arrived with them at 11 am. EXCEPT...tyra's ear was sore this morning, and when i looked at it she had a hematoma. so i called the vet and they said if i brought her into maple ridge right away, they would have time to drain it today. so i did. nicole met me at the clinic and dropped off the mega-colon cats vet records (her name by the way is "nudge") and picked up monty (the new FIV cat) to bring him home. i stopped for a tea cuz i was thirsty and set out right behind her. EXCEPT, i never made it home. i found a brain dead pitt bull standing in the middle of the road just below the crest of a hill. that was a REALLY stupid place to stand around. i wasted another half an hour catching her cuz she wasn't sure she trusted me and then had to drive her 5 miles back to the pound. nice dog tho. by the time i got home the cats were here and stuck in carriers til i got the cages set up with nicoles help. she cleaned the big dog area for me and took the good guys down for a run. i still have two more small rooms to clean and a whole whack of stinky laundry. but i will get it all done except i just heard some klutzy cat knock a bunch of stuff off the counter and someone keeps peeing on my clean floors.

both phoebe and chicklet are bratty beastly pains, chicky is chasing the cats and phoebe was bugging jack and bonnie is trying to decide if she wants to join them in being in trouble. so far she has stayed on the right side of the law but i can see she is tempted to join the brat pack.

tyra won't be able to swim for a few weeks, she will not be happy about that, ooohhh, and i better not forget to pick her tonight at 5 either!



Aaacckkkk! Thanks a lot, Carol....I think I better stay away from MAC or I will come home with the boxer, the yellow lab AND the six month old Sienna look-alike!! LOL!!!!

Charley says I'm supposed to get a senior border collie. She's breedist. And too old to tolerate pups.

And I need a bigger house.


there is a very sweet and lovely 6 month old sienna look a like at mission pound. she just got spayed today.


Emma is adorable, too, Jean. Not Sienna adorable (who is?) but a very pretty little Pittie. Her dad adores her.


This does seem to be a popular place for strays - every month or two a neighbour phones me with another stray that has wandered into the yard and taken up residence. Mission Animal Control should put Carol and me on the payroll.
Good thing I wasn't home today - I'm partial to pitties and looking for a second dog! LOL


I guess it depends on where she lives in MR. If they are way out by the SPCA, it's possible she made it to Ferndale on her own. If she lives near us, no way. What WAS the little dim bulb thinking? And what is it about you finding dogs on the crest of that hill on Ferndale? You are like the Pied Frigging Piper of Lost and Loopy Dogs.What is this? Four? Five?
I'm glad Emma is okay. She was a staff favourite. How can you not love a dog with the IQ of a plastic potted plant?


oh my god i am laughing! that freaking dog was just around the corner from saints on ferndale, literally right in front of jeans place.

seriously tho deb...some idiot must have picked her up and brought her out here and then lost her (adventuring pitbull free for the taking?there are alot of grow ops out here), there is no way she could have travelled so far and not been killed. that dog was NOT leaving the middle of the stinking road, there is no way she survived with her dumb-dumb feet on the pavement from maple ridge to all the way out to here and it was barely even noon yet.

i bet she has a good story to tell.


Emma's dad was frantic when he arrived home from work to find his newly adopted dogter (how clever am I?) AWOL. She is safe and sound, and daddy is probably considering putting bars on his windows.
BTW, Carol, Emma lives in Maple Ridge, she was a long way from home when you rescued her cute, dumb-as-dirt butt.


trust me johanna, when you are ready, there will be another lucky saint waiting just for you. milo is a good and sweet little dog (and i am so sorry frodo beat the crap out of him.) enjoy your time in australia and be happy you gave pippa so very much and we will see you when you get home and give you someone else to spoil rotten cuz every time someone passes they make room for another to share their dream.


Hi Carol,

I'm not sure if you saw my e-mail to you which I sent because I'm not always sure how to work the Blog.

Anyway, in it I said that it's far too soon for me as I'm very, very upset at Pippa's death. Milo, however is a basket case as he loved little Pippa and saw himself as her protector. (I think it was the Saints connection.) He has become Velco dog and has not left my side during Pippa's illness and death. I think down the line, he would like another elderly little sister to look after. (as opposed to a cat, a pig or a horse !!!) That would mean that there would be one less little dog to get under your feet (Chicklet? Bonnie? and there's another one? ) and to chase the cat.

I can't even think of it yet, but I know when I get back from Australia at the end of May, I hopefully will be feeling better, altho' I will never forget my little Pip. (Michael and I spent the evening with Eileen and it was very sad.

All the best and thank you again for all your kindness at this sad time.


welcome angela...i love new yorkers they are the absolute best! (ha ha i am originally from upstate new york so if i can make my way out here, maybe one day you can come for a visit too.)

tyra is fine, she is feeling abused and abandoned and letting me know.

re: emma the door knob pitty, you would think she would have learned to stay off the road in the big city and brought that important lesson out here with her. she is quite the cutie, but not very bright. i am assuming since you know all about her adventures today deb, she has already been claimed and taken home.

it is a small world.


I am so glad Carol saved her from gettign squsihed and for her family finding her!!!!!

Angela from NY

I just have to say that since I found out about you guys I have been reading your blog every day (this is the first I've ever participated in) any how, Carol, I'm sure you are not laughing but you are a riot and I love reading about all your "adventures" shall we say? Give dex a hug for me and love to all the Saints animals! I wish you weren't so far away I would come visit right away :)


Okay, the brain dead Pittie you chased for half an hour was recently adopted from VAS. Her new dad left a tiny window open in the bathroom, and Emma decided to get to know her new 'hood, so when she saw an opportunity she took it.

What a small world we live in.