Rescue Journal

good lord...don't be janice's know-it-all, i-thrive-on-any-challenge, animal rescue friend!

Carol  ·  May 3, 2007

saints is about to become noah's ark. so when the expected flooding hits, janice and i will be well prepared. heartsonnoses horses and pigs are coming up here to weather the flood. and while saints is not exactly an ark, (but we do own a leaky row boat) we are well above the flood plain. tomorrow we are planning out how to fit 25 pigs, a couple of horses, 2 dogs and how many cats? into our currently not in use areas. it will be like a summer vacation camp for pot belly pigs with dormatories, marshmellos, and perky camp counsellors (that would be janice and me!)

AND...the point of this post is to twig some more interest and recruit a few more perky camp counsellors willing and able to move up here during the crises to help out.

i personally think this whole flood thing sounds like an adventure of a lifetime.



Okay, this is the place you spoke to me about in consideration for Ellie. Thought it might be someone new you met.


this is a place that is good people who have farm pigs for pets. what they were able to give ellie was not what ellie had here. but it is much better than what roscoe has. these people love their pigs and spend time with them every day too. you would have to do a home check and decide if it is an appropriate home for roscoe of not.


mo and nichole said NOOOOOO!!!!! (those two look nice and sweet but it is another trick!)
i did have your number passed on to the family that has the two farm pigs who are family pets and carry around the mans tools. have they called yet?


LOL .. And I dont' know if your subject line is THAT funny... and what about Roscoe????? (ducking)


At the moment, they anticipate the flooding will begin around or just after the long weekend.

At Hope, an hour from here, the danger of flood is "usually" finished by June 15th (that's the earliest the Dept of Fisheries or Environment or whatever it is permits us to move trailers back down to the mouth of the creek at my rec property at Emory Creek), but with the snowpack and the cool spring it will be later this year.


According to the Province newspaper "the next 4 weeks are critical. If cool temperatures are followed by a hot spell in May there could be serious flooding.."

"Best case scenario to prevent flooding is we need to have a terrible spring."

(So basically it is a crapshoot depending on the temperatures)


janice is thinking she may send the whole herd to the okanagon. if she decides to do this, we will open saints up for the farmers in our area if they need.

Chris T

It would not take much for Maddie to have a melt down. Someone just needs to look at her funny and that would be it!


don't worry chris, we will fit in all of molly and mable's new family too. most of your guys already think saints is pretty darn cool. altho i bet maddy has a melt down!


"(or Vadie may have a bit more petsitting than she anticipates!)" hummm i'm sure i can handle a few more animals but i have to warn you that i have not taken care of pigs and horses for well over 25 yrs BUT cats and dogs are a breeze :-)

as for the flooding in a normal(if you can call it normal) year you can anticipate your highest point of flooding in July( and not so normal yr in august)

Chris T

Carol - any idea when they are expecting flooding? I know they have been busy building up the dikes and it has not been too warm - yet! Don't forget that you are our evacuation plan too!!!


oh that is great francesca! i am working on wed and won't be home til after 1 pm and can finish up the other areas no problem. i think you guys have been here enough that you can manage the beasts on your own. i will have my cell with me tho...604-339-5144 in case you need to talk to me and greg will be here on wed too if you need help with anything.
whaaahooo! help on a work day is great!

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole

Marie and I are planning to come to Saints on Wednesday. Who knows if the flood arrives we may get to stay and help in the ark.
Take care


Oh Crap when are they expecting the floods to arrive. Just what everyone needs!! We'll have to get you a robe Carol and sandels(with no pee on them) for your new role as Moses! Hope all goes well and everyone stays safe. It's awesome that you opened your home and you fields to Janice and her crew!!!


There's room here at the old saints site too in the event of a flood, the barn sits empty...


Ha ha - well most of the time I'll just be an hour away in the Fraser Canyon, and my boat and life jacket is already up there so I can just float down the Fraser River all the way back home!!! many piggies can fit in a four-person boat?


i think you should just cancel your trip til the flood scare passes....when is that anyway...july? when is the snow pack fully melted, does anyone know?


Carol and Janice, let me know if I can be of any help with the move. Janice's dogs and possibly the horses or a few pigs could come here if that would help. Of course, this assume the flooding won't happen when I'm out of town over the next two weeks (or Vadie may have a bit more petsitting than she anticipates!)

I just gotta see SAINTS with 25 more pigs.....and especially when Ellie meets Rose! LOL I see a best-selling children's book with illustrations in the making.