Rescue Journal

i was tricked, twice!

Carol  ·  May 4, 2007

it was a nice evenings walk tonight. i am not sure why, but it took most of the day for me to get everything done today so our evening walk was a treat. all the big guys came out tonight, tyra, lexie, bonnie, maude, dexter, michael, phoebe, cole, bill, jazz, rocky, copper, and even little andy came too. they all had a good time. tyra tricked me and had a quick dip in the pond. i told her she wasn't allowed to do this and she was going to get me in trouble with the vet. but she went and did it anyway, altho she did get out when i started to get really upset. and i saw that sore ear dip below the surface too, geez tyra, grab a freaking brain!

gideon is smarter than me too. i snuck around to the back of the barn and let myself in the side gate. gideon saw i was up to something and decided to see what it was. he wanted to come thru the gate with me, and i thought he just wanted to be first in the barn and share a quiet moment with me alone so i let him come. well holy smoke, he just took off across that newly seeded field and ran like the wind. spritely and swinger saw him having a blast over the fence and then they threw a fit cuz they wanted to come in there too. it took three full apples to convince gideon to give up his glorious run in the sun across that virgin green pasture and finally come into the barn. i looked pretty close and i don't think he damaged the grass which is good cuz mo would have had my head. anyway, i thought i better admit my error in judgement in trusting that tricky old horse cuz i know for sure eagle eyed mo is going to see hoof prints in that field tomorrow and it is only somewhat, but not entirely, my fault.

you would think that you could trust a 30 year old blind pony to play fair and not to trick you and get you into trouble. apparently, you can't.