Rescue Journal

it sucks to be tyra

Carol  ·  May 4, 2007

sooooo....the two new cats, monty and nudge, managed their first night here relatively well. they both had a pee in their private litter boxes and ate their dinners too. have i said that i LOVE cats who will still eat when they are stressed? good work guys. nudge kept her cage, tidy and neat and monty has trashed his with ineffective re-arranging. but as long as they eat, they can do anything they want, cuz that is the rule for newbie cats at saints.

speaking of eating tho...hook is taking this rule and twisting it to his own advantage. he started out with one can of fancy feast which is good and then insisted on adding a second at night. ok, he is old, and i made him come all the way from saskatchewan, so he can have an extra fancy feast each day. but now he is telling me, he needs one at noon too and that makes three. soon that cat will be rolling out from under the cupboard. ahhh hook, i love your one eye'd plea' reasonable, 3 cans of fancy feast a day is not good for you.

and tyra...anyone who knows her, knows that she is a princess. but not a regular princess, all prissy and pretty and useless. she is an old-time kind of princess like from back during the viking age. she is handsome, and solid and graceless and strong. and she is not happy that humans were messing with cutting and sewing her ear. she doesn't like that some moron dared to shave her front leg and stick a needle into her vein. she does not like that we have changed who she is. because tyra is a physical princess, a warrior who happily thunders thru life knocking everyone else flying. she doesn't like needle point, esp. in her ears and she wants to go swimming right now and running and chasing a six foot plank across the waters of her beloved pond.

ahhh babe. i am sorry, it sucks.