Rescue Journal

just say no.

Carol  ·  May 6, 2007

the thing about rescue is it sneaks up on you. you start with a cat here, a dog there. you learn alittle bit as you go along. soon you are on a path that becomes a road, and suddenly it becomes the world.

the thing about rescue is the animals can't count. they can't add up all the numbers involved. they just see the one and that's them. and they don't even know that the biggest, hardest, heaviest numbers have little to do with that.

rescue is not really about what is given, it is what is taken away. the peices that slip or are stolen or forgotten, the parts that are gone and don't return. some to the animals and some to humans who take in different ways, but mostly to finishing the job that was started. except, there is never an end to finish.

rescue is not a shiny medal to be worn and proudly displayed. it is a shadow that makes the world fade away.

the ones who dream of a magical place where all the animals are safe and free, think again, it is not even close to that story book dream. it is loss upon loss, and i speak not of death but of where expectation becomes an endless grave.

animals can't count and they really don't care about issues, they just want the best they can find. and some people won't get it so don't expect that they will, and try to learn to not care.

i think it is smarter to help where you can and let someone not as bright have the headache. but if you foolishly decide to say yes and not say no, make sure you have a blog so you can whine and complain.

geez i am maudlin tonight.



i think the future holds a few more michael's and mosie's and that is ok, but please, no more mr. potato-ed's.

Angela from NY

I hope my comments didn't offend you in any way or inadvertantly "celebrate you". I still think you do a wonderful thing for these animals and good luck with whatever the future holds for you.


very well said deb. i had another visitor today who told me her friend wants to start a rescue. i said to tell her; don't do it.
i swear one day i am going to hold an absolutely honest, say it like it is, workshop about what rescue really means. the trouble is when i think of the truth of it all, i just want to cry, and i am too afraid to really say because then no one would like me anymore.
someday maybe i won't care.


People who think Rescue is about Disneyesque happily-ever afters and sweet moments of pure connection,those who feel they can love their rescued pet out of any trauma, injury, behaviour or history, people who believe they can get their needs met by rescuing animals are going to face a huge disappointment when reality bites them. Rescue is about the ugly, cold, harsh truth of animals being thrown away for one reason or another. It's not about the heroes (real and imagined) who tread water trying to help those animals in some small way.
Rescue is a terrible necessity, not a thing to be celebrated. Our common goal should be to eradicate the need for Rescues, not bask in the false shimmering light of being saviours to the lost, the sick, the helpless, the aged. The fact that Rescues must exist sucks.


actually every time i look at their cute little faces, i glance down underneath them to see if the floor is wet. i am a puddle freak.
AND the last couple of times deb was here, i saw her do the exact same thing...she just heads straight for the mop as she is saying hello. i thought that was funny cuz it means it is not just me that sees puddles and faces super imposed on each other!
the same is true for mo and nicole, we are all puddle freaks now.


You said yes because it is in your heart. You said yes because you are a very, very special person. My Mother has been a nurse for over 30 years and it amazes me that you manage to do both. I can not begin to imagine the strength it takes you to do it, but it seems like you are doing a damn fine job. You can't help them all, yes, but you are doing your part and I'm sure you are reminded of how special you are every time you look at their precious little faces.