Rescue Journal

i love tuesdays!

Carol  ·  May 8, 2007

today is the day that kathy and lynne come to take care of the cleaning inside the shelter. this means that today when i get home from work i can do the dump run and give jack a bath. (silly jack was laying in a puddle again this morning).

on my next day off, (i will love thursday this week too cuz i am on a day off), i will let monty out of his cage while i am around to make sure that all goes well. and hopefully it does and he can stay out because not only do i hate having animals in cages but it makes alot of extra work and takes up alot of extra space. but he has to be eating outside of his cage in order to stay out once and for all.

unfortunately nudge can't come out yet. she has only had one poop since she got here, and that was her first night here. that is not good enough to let a mega colon cat loose where i can't moniter that her bowels are working ok. she is such a very nice cat but it is going to be really hard to have her here. oh well better hard for us then dead for her, too bad she couldn't have stayed in her home. today i will try some new things with her and see if we can't get her bowels moving again.

i have to move bonnie and chicklet out of the cat/little dog room when i let monty loose. i don't want him stressed by 2 idiot dogs who think that chasing cats is ok. i will try them in the kitchen instead but if they can't behave themselves with those cats (who might be tougher and give them a whack or two), then bonnie's next stop is the big dog room and chicklet will have to be confined in the laundry area i guess. hello you two, think about this and where you are heading and do try to grow some no-cat-chasing brains!

it looks like a beautiful day here today, i hope it stays nice for a week. i am up to selling 31 tickets to the fundraiser so far but i think nicole is still way ahead and i think we still have alot more to sell. it is hard enough caring for all these guys everyday without worrying about fundraisers too.

and why can't life just be easy more often? is it against some freaking life rule? we make it as easy here for the animals as we can, for goodness sake they live in a homeless shelter and are not complaining too much so why can't whoever makes our rules want to make it easy for us if they can too?

cosmic double standards really aren't fair. except on tuesdays when the sun is shining and kathy and lynn are coming to take care of inside of saints, tuesday is an easier day. but i would like monday and half of wednsday also to be easier so 2.5 days of easy and 2.5 days of not, would make a better, more equal split.) i like my sort of rules.



Head's up on the dump run, Carol - because it is spring cleanup week, it was a zoo over there even at 9:30 this morning when I did mine. And instead of dumping in the bins, everyone has to drive down into the bowels of the landfill to dump it right onto the pile - it's rather muddy and very stinky! LOL And when you back up to the pile, don't do what I did and back right onto a board with a nail sticking up in it. :(

On the plus side, there is no charge for dumping this week, so if you have any heavy crap around there to be tossed out, now is the time to do it.