Rescue Journal

wed afternoon

Carol  ·  May 9, 2007

maude has a mammory tumour, the vets will do xrays to see if it has spread to her lungs.

copper initiated maria and francesca on the joys of being saints volunteers. they temporarily lost him and were really upset. i am not sure if they believed me that a lost copper is normal around here. he is home and fine.

nudge had a poop 2 days in a row and all on her own (with a little of carol's mega colon cocktail to help things along). so far no need for enema's which makes us both very happy...what a very good girl. keep up the good work nudge!

the stuff that greg tore out of the garage has been picked up and taken away to the dump, the driveway looks so very much better with all that crap gone somewhere else and so does the garage too!

little marcus has a slight case of conjunctivitis and ear mites too. the vets will treat him before he goes home to mo's tonight and send him along with some meds. they all think he is just as cute as we do. he will be even cuter now that he is neutered! what a doll.

ok time is a wasting and phebers is having a fit cuz i left her outside. i don't know why that dog just can't suffer in silence, most everyone else out there with her is quiet on this very sunny and lovely day. she is a toad.



I'm assumming the question about getting out more is retorichal (s/p) look forward to seeing ya on Saturday !


Paws crossed that Maude's lungs are clear. And I wished upon the first bright star I saw tonight that it was so. ( hey, ya never know! )

Mo, you totally cracked me up with the Hasselhoff comment. BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

And celebrating good solid canine and feline bm's is what life is all about. Isn't it?

Do I need to get out more?


Oh Maudie. You seem so indestructable, and in you I see my MacKenzie in another 7 years. Be strong you beautiful little creature. Why didn't someone love you enough to do the right thing and spay you? God, people suck! Not you, though, Maude. You are a vocal little Diva in a dog suit.


Marcus is home & is purring up a storm ..he is still sorta wobbly & that is a hoot..he was trying to eat some crunchies & was spilling them all over & stumbling after them... sorta like David Hasselhoff on his video... sorry marcus , not a nice comparison but you do look like you've been into the spirits. God I'm falling in love with this kitten....

I hope Maude's news is good news & Whoo Hoo Nudge pooped 2 x all by herself !!! Crap ( pun intended ) look what SAINTS does to a person , celebrating a BM


i just called, they haven't gotten to the xrays yet. i should know by tomorrow when i pick her up.

Chris T

Were they able to spay her? It is too bad she was not spayed much younger she likely would not have gotten the tumours. I hope Miss Maudie is ok. When will they know her prognosis?