Rescue Journal

the trouble with volunteers

Carol  ·  May 10, 2007 don't pay them. soooo...they can pretty much do whatever they want whenever they want and to whatever extent and you darn well oughta be grateful...and i truly am. cuz most of our volunteers are phenomenol. except for three, they have a poor work ethic. they start working at 11 am and then need a nap by noon. you would think that since they are the ones who wanted this particular job, the least they could have done was do it relatively well. apparently they got tired and then that was it, volunteer work hours were over.

now mostly i think animals are better than humans except in the volunteer department. humans actually make better volunteers than animals do for one very key reason. if an animal is offering to help you do something, you can bet your life on the fact that it is because they want something and once they get whatever it is they want, they are gone off to better things.

so kissy and annie and grammy suck at lawn mowing despite the lush thick green grass that they wanted so badly. an hour of work and a resulting full belly and they were out for the afternoon. i am lucky that the horses have a better work ethic, gideon, swinger and spritely worked hard to mow down that grass. but they left huge piles of fresh grassy manure for me to clean up when they are done. which i haven't cleaned up yet but i will eventually get around to it relatively soon.

i think i should have taken up mo the human volunteer's offer on mowing the lawns today, i bet she would have done a better job.