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Carol  ·  May 10, 2007

mo made me waste most of the morning enjoying the sunshine and the company of the saints (it actually was great!)

the phone never stopped ringing this afternoon and i still am not quite finished everything yet but will be soon.

maude just got home from the vets, she ragged on me non stop. apparently i am NOT to abandon her at the vets again, EVER!her lungs LOOK clear but no guarantee and we will have to wait a few days for the pathology report. we went to tim hortons and had a ham and swiss on white with no vegies...she got the ham and i got the swiss on white and both of us liked it alot!

i got to touch a baby kangaroo, what an absolutely lovely creature. i am sad to say tho that there is now a breeder in the states selling these little guys who i am pretty sure belong free in australia with their moms. this made me sad. i suppose if their popularity takes off in a few years or so, saints will probably be adding kangaroos to our resident species cuz i am willing to bet they are more "pet" than most humans are prepared for. this little one already had a biting issue and she is still a babe. we just got to mess with and try to own everything in this world.

ahhh well, back to work cuz maude and i have a date to watch survivor tonight.



kangaroo breeder??? do people not realize that as beautiful as they are they aren't pets in Australia for a reason? They are highly dangerous. One kick can kill. SHEEESH!!
I wonder how they got their "breeding stock" as animal export from Australia (to my knowledge) is illegal.
Hopefully people are smarter than to buy one, and this "breeder" is done before they start.

I'll bet the little Joey was cute though. I have to confess to being a sucker for a cute baby face, but usually have enough brain cells to be content to look. Usually!!