Rescue Journal

new incoming

Carol  ·  May 11, 2007

pepper a 12 yr old daxi, reluctantly taken in from an abusive home a year and a half ago. his new mom and dad didn't really want him as they knew they were preparing for retirement and extended travel. the people who facilitated his new home, promised to be available for dog sitting when the travel portion of their new life began...we all know that promises change due to life circumstances and pepper now needs a new home. his dad said they don't want to euth him but pepper is not really their dog. and this is why adoptions and placements need to be so very careful in meeting both the animals and the new family needs. a good home is not just a good home. and a placement is not a wish and a prayer, it has to be a committment on all sides or it is just a temporary solution at best. and now instead of coming to saints as a 10 yr old from an abusive and unhappy home, pepper is coming to us at 12 from a place that he likes with 2 less adoptable years and the loss of a home he loves. he is not going to be too happy to get here at all. i hope we can find him the right forever home, really quick.

there were 8 messages on the machine from yesterday that i never got a chance to listen to...i was too busy and far behind and then i was sick and didn't care. i listened this morning and replied finally to sheila who really needed a response yesterday...sorry. and i replied to one that upset me, a simple "i have 2-15 yr old cats i need to get rid of, can you please call me back"...hmmm, that kind of message just makes me sad.

as sick as i am this morning, i have to say that puking is preferrable to answering the phone. ah well, i got some gravol and tyenol with codeine to stay down for the past almost hour so i guess i better go clean up the mess around here. it is questionable on who made more mess last night, the animals or me. i think most of the laundry is in fact mine and that sucks this morning too.

greg just called me out to the barn, gideons left eye is completely swollen closed. he has got to stop rubbing his face on everything in sight or he is going to lose both his eyes. i put some more cream in, it worked well earlier this week. i am thinking of putting goggles on him to stop him from being so dense.

ok everyone be good and don't bug me today and we will see how much i can get done.