Rescue Journal

head banging

Carol  ·  May 14, 2007

kerrr...thump, kerrr....thump, ahh the real rhythm of rescue. it is no wonder that rescuers are so hard headed and stubborn. sometimes i just gotta laugh cuz we are absolutely an incredible breed. i think the head banging has caused our brains to swell and now they are kind of soggy. so maybe i was wrong and newbie rescuers should look elsewhere to a different profession to mentor them on their way. i think social workers or clinical psychologists or communication facilitators, or patch adams might give them a more useful set of tools than we can with our favorite brick walls.

in order of deadliness to a rescuers wellbeing (unless they have a happily twisted sense of humour)

1. a telephone

2. an email account with internet access

3. the almighty everybody else's opinion

newbies should be advised to purchase helmets and steer clear of flying bricks (we tend to recycle them as we go to build our head banging walls.)

and believe it or not i am actually in a really good mood today, the sun is shining, i did great at work on my first 8 hour shift, nudge is still pooping, and the two little farm babes just shared their third banana.

gosh i love my life once again!