Rescue Journal

mean mama's are good for you.

Carol  ·  May 18, 2007

phoebe had a run with the big dogs and tyra chased her cranky butt all over the place. she is sleeping now, i think she needed a run to work out all her angst.

tom has finally gotten my lap. he has been waiting and waiting and waiting some more, and all things do come to those who wait.

gosh ellie can run fast when she is mad cuz i was late in feeding her dinner. she is wrecking the double barn doors with her temper, what am i going to do with that spoiled rotten baby dinasaur?

percy has started his weaning. he is not impressed. he thinks i am the most hard hearted calf foster mama that he has ever met. sorry babe but as you get bigger, your head butting is becoming a safety issue. besides, you are little cowboy now, you can drink your milk out of a bowl like a man.

everyone is settled and calm here tonight, i think they are better when i am around to give them all heck. gotta love the "wrath of mom!"