Rescue Journal

to make the tough day a little better

Nicole  ·  May 19, 2007

and to make carol and maureen stop complaining...
here is the video from the fundraiser. let me know if you have issues viewing it.



This is Mo posting at SAINTS.. I really really love this video Nicole... Carol has had to listen to me watch it 3 x's in a row... Can I get it on a CD ??? Please... I'll bring you Timmys hot Chocolate every week-end till Christmas : - )

My problem at home is media palyer... I think I have to download it ..again...

Chris T

I had no problems. Can you send it directly to me so I can put it up on youtube?


not sure if everyone else was having the same problem, but it's not squished anymore.
it's also a little dark, but i'm blaming windows media player for that.


Nicole that was beautiful. I'm speechless, and let me tell you that doesn't happen often. The subjects of course make the movie but you are very talented!!!! Now I need to go find my kleenex's.


thx nicole, my evening got even tougher with a little girl crying for her lost big sister. she showed me the box she made for her new my little pony's bed with kleenx for covers and there was a tiny picture of her sister, taped to the end. i just got home and the video helped. i needed to cry some tears too.