Rescue Journal

sometimes i wish....

Carol  ·  May 21, 2007

that i didn't have to work and i could just stay here and keep this place clean.

sometimes i wish that i just had my normal job and could come home to a normal life with not much to do.

sometimes i wish my ankle was still broken cuz it was cleaner and smelled better here when i was stuck at home.

sometimes i wish i had never broken it at all because everything seemed to be easier before i did.

sometimes i wish there were more people to help here and sometimes i wish the driveway would empty.

i don't know why i wish in contradictions but apparently, i do.

my mother used to say "you will stand with your mouth wide open for a very long time if you are wishing for a roast pigeon to fly in."

i think my mouth is wide open wishing, maybe i should close it.



I wish bad things didn't happen to good people, and life was fair. I wish love could heal all wounds and make people whole again. I wish that wishing made it so, whatever "it" was.
Rest in Peace Cherie. We love you.