Rescue Journal

bill just stroked.

Carol  ·  May 23, 2007

he went down on the cement when i was moving the dogs out for their evening run. i couldn't get him up again and he was so afraid. i called eva and we put him on the stretcher and carried him into the kitchen. he is on a thick soft bed and i fed him ice cream loaded with meds.

what a terrible day.



I hope you and Bill both got a good night's rest and are feeling better and stronger this morning. Hang in there Bill, there's still more pasture poop to be eaten and pond walks to be taken before you join Jack and Moses and the others.


bill can stand and walk a few steps now, ( i have the kitchen floor covered with rubber backed mats tonight)altho he is listing to the left. but this much improvement in just a few hours, is a really good sign.
i fell asleep on the floor with him and now i can barely move.
i guess i am too old to sleep on the floor. i am going to bed and hopefully bill will be his old self again by morning.
seventeen is very old for a lab but i want bill to happily live to at least twenty.

i haven't forgotten you jack, i miss you and i just don't want bill to join you yet.


Oh Carol.. its been a hell week for you. I hope Bill will bounce back and will have many more great walks to the pond with you all. Prayer to you both!!


Bill is SAINTS ambassador, I hope he is feeling better soon and is O.K.... I'll be thinking of him all night.


Mr Bill, the saintliest SAINT, you are the poster dog of the sanctuary for me. You are so very loved, Bill. Everyone who meets you falls hard for your precious old face.
Get better old man. We still need you.
Carol, I'm so sorry you have had such a horrific day.


Oh Carol not Bill. He just is Saints in a nutshell. Please give him an extra hug for me. I remember when Fred did that , the scared look in his eyes. Poor Bill, poor Carol. What a terrible, rotten, no good, very bad day!