Rescue Journal

our guests

Carol  ·  May 25, 2007

sam delivered the three messed up temporary pitties today (they had trapped another one at the very last minute.) very, very nice dogs, i like them alot already. they think saints is pretty darn cool! sam trimmed a bunch of the saints nails while she was here, that is always such a relief to get some help getting this done, 20 toe nails for each dog, cat and rabbit, is alot of pedicures going on around up here. if anyone asks how many dogs we have right now, i am simply saying "i have no idea" i refuse to count them until the pitties are gone cuz i don't want to give myself a headache.

tom is the cutest little dog in the whole wide earth and sweet pea is a very close second. and hook is the very best cat i have ever met and i am feeling pretty happy today.

trisha has her vet appointment tomorrow, i am sure the vet will give me that somber look as he shakes his head. but i am so glad i took them both so they could stay together because caro and trish spend hours licking each other and sleeping with their heads on the others side. they are deeply bonded and caro will be so sad when trisha passes away.

my arms are covered with very deep scratches from three overly affectionate scabby and hairless dogs. i think i will go and get scratched some more cuz we are working on learning quiet and gentle loving ways and they learn that with lots of quiet patience, a slightly distracted demeanor, and a gentle hand resting quietly on them somewhere. frantic is only fun if it is reciprocated. quiet is just as nice but you have to learn that first.

saints welcomes our temporary house guests, gorgeous george, jolie, and lovely brie. (they are all girls but george is a freaking high speed tank, she is for sure gonna hurt my sore ankle!)



yeah, another girl named George. 'hopefully' they will still be there on sunday.


Carol you are such a sweetie. Thank you for giving Trisha and Caro a end of life home together. Give them a kiss from me and I'm sending positive thoughts for Trisha tomorrow!!!