Rescue Journal

phoebe's sunday

Carol  ·  May 27, 2007

phoebe is developing a bit of a sunday ritual. each sunday morning, she and i head off in the van to mcdonald's for breakfast. the timing is important because we have to arrive back home at the very right moment.

all the way down the hill, phoebe flies back and forth, over and under, hither and yon around the inside of the van. and she softly high pitched whines every mile we go. it always reaches the climax as soon as the golden arches appear. once we place our order, she sits perfectly, silently still and stares right at me. the order is always the same...two cheese only mcmuffins for me and a sausage mcmuffin for her. phoebe says since it isn't actually ellie in her sandwich, she can have the sausage. i tried her once with an egg mcmuffin but she wouldn't eat the egg.

we pull up to the payment window, she silently stares intently at the cashier and the same is true when we pull ahead to the pick up window. as the bag enters the car window, she switches her gaze onto it. i toss her mcmuffin into the back and she charges off to eat. she eats fast. she is always done before i am even halfway finished my first. then she moves herself to the seat directly behind me and stares over my shoulder to the sandwich i am trying to eat. she gets some, and she gets some of the second, which is why i always order two for me. when they are all gone, she moves up into the front seat and quietly and companionably sits with me while we finish the drive back home. once we hit the driveway. she starts looking franctically around for mo. sunday is phoebe's barn day and mo is supposed to already be here for phebers to join. today, mo was late. it totally messed up phoebes morning, she flitted here and there trying to figure out where she was. but mo did arrive shortly after and the rest of phebes sunday went well.

after the barn was done, mo and phebe came back into the house. phoebe sat quietly next to mo while she held tom and didn't even fuss. you could see that phebers was totally content.

sundays are her special day. i wish they could be hers every day.



She is so very good out at the barn, she runs all over checking everything out, then runs in to check that I am still in the barn scoop poop-ing..and will rush up to me & sit pretty..that is her way of telling me she wants one of Toonies crackers. I love to see Phebes happy & content... we toodle off for several walks during barn cleaning & she can run like wind .... Sundays are good days : - )