Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 28, 2007

nudge the mega colon cat hasn't pooped now in three full days. neither one of us is happy about this.

my not so favorite image today was walking past the pitties private room window and seeing their sweet little faces lined up on the couch staring at me. george had a peice of the couch stuck to her lip.

gideon twice today bashed right past me and almost knocked me off my feet...once when i was going thru the gate from the back yard and again when i was trying to lead a cooperative for once swinger thru the upper pasture gate to show mo how sore his poor little feet are since his last ferrier visit. gideon is a bad freaking horse who is much too interested in the greener grass on the other side of the fence.

i never did get thru all the laundry today...jolie, the pooping pitty is much quicker than me. i hope we can clear up her diarrhea soon. she is so very, very sweet and can't help it yet. i am pretty sure she says "sorry" every time i have to clean up more.

off to bed, the last of the meds are done and i am too tired for the ice cream i was thinking about earlier.