Rescue Journal

it bodes ill

Carol  ·  May 29, 2007

when one is too sore to move before one even leaves one's bed.

i woke up with a migraine, my neck, back and ankle are protesting gideon's rough treatment of this rickety vessel yesterday. and i am sure the pitties enthusiasm isn't helping much either. you would think they all would treat the actual provider of their personal little peice of heaven a little more gently. the ramifications of breaking or wearing me out early are probably not good.

of course this is the beauty and the curse of living in the moment, "this green grass is here now. and yonder mere human is too and happens to be in my way. the grass is beckoning now, so why worry about the "IF's" of tomorrow, let's just run her over to get there as fast as i can"

well i will tell you why you should worry about the "if's" of tomorrow. cuz tomorrow is now today, and i freaking hurt badly, you moronic blind, gluttonous and ancient pony!

sigh...deep breathing to calm myself. tom is snoozing on my lap, he never hurts me. altho his urine soaked breath generally does make me feel slightly ill. nudge finally pooped last night, but not enough, she needs to poop more...i am thinking about this.

waiting for the arthrotec to kick in so i can go and feed and loose the barn guys...i hope the late breakfast is worth the green grass of yesterday.

ok, i admit it, i am still pissed at that blasted pig horse. hopefully once the pain meds kick in, i will forget that i am still choked. i better do my happy thing where i look at them and they all seem so very lovely, ( right now i think they all suck) or maybe i should just go back to bed for an hour and try waking up in a better mood than i am now with my happiness viewing eyeballs in place which currently seem to be lost somewhere else.

probably not a good day to bug me, i am PMS'ing, menopausal (what kind of stupid trick of nature is that to make you deal with BOTH?!), i hurt, and i have a headache...god is so wise to ensure i don't have a gun.

(and can someone please inform caro that tom is not his sex toy! oh why did i forget his neuter yesterday? oh yeah, cuz i am dumb!)

ohhh...AND! i finally after 4 months of trying...just caught the real and actual culprit who has been spraying the top of my stove!!!

not harrison, not tango or mango or sunny ( i was sooo SURE it was tang or sunny, they piss on EVERYTHING!) is 21 year old stripe and a female to boot! one more mystery solved (what other mysteries was i working on?) good thing she is old (and tried to poke out phoebe's eye) cuz i really like stripe, she is a testy old bag. and i won't make her live in the cat room like i threatened cuz she is a kitchen cat.

i wouldn't bother too much to read this post folks, i plan on adding all of my complaints and whiny irritations to it all day long.

oh again, i forgot til i glanced in the mirror again a few minutes ago and remembered that my face is scratched up cuz rainbow used it as a spring board in the middle of the night. i knew it was bleeding but i didn't care so i just went back to pathetic is that??? there is a reason that i don't like mirrors and camera's, they usually tell me something i'd rather forget.

ok, i am done...all the angst is worked out...and gideon is once again my knight in shining armour...the pain meds kicked in, cathy, lynne and mo were here to help out and all i have left is the dump run and the evening routine. apparently whining your way thru the day is somewhat effective in exorcising unhappy thoughts, that and being around good people.