Rescue Journal

drowning in sick little dogs

Carol  ·  May 31, 2007

all of them with reproductive cancers because they were not spayed and neutered in their youth. the newest to join the cancer ranks is chicklet. the pathology report came back today as a grade 2 malignancy...this means a chest xray to check for lung mets and if clear, she goes back in to have the other half dozen smaller masses surgically removed. chicky is only 10 years old, she has a good long life ahead of her if we take care of this properly.

caro had some problems breathing after his testicular surgery today and needed some help to re-open his airways. he is home now and i am to watch him and he also has very few teeth left once they finished with his dental extractions. he sure is happy to be back home.

spay, spay, spay, spay, neuter, neuter, neuter, neuter. these are such good things to reduces the numbers of homeless pets and it saves their own lives too.

chicky has joined the thousand dollar plus saints club, pretty much all of them here are members in good standing.

i could just shoot myself some days.