Rescue Journal

i need a slow-mo time warp

Carol  ·  May 31, 2007

flood everyone sick of me harping on this yet? i have lectured my clients and my family and friends and now i will share where saints is with our own emergency planning.

we have two weeks extra supply of feed for all of the various animals. greg is hooking up the water tanks tomorrow and then we will bring in a couple of tanks of fresh stuff. the next load of hay is to be delivered within this week so the shed will be full of that too. the shavings shed is full and we have enough meds, except i need to lay in an extra supply of the quatrisol. greg will hook up and test the generator that we need to keep the pump running if the electricty konks out.

the last things for me to get are some extra neccessary cleaning supplies like bleach, garbage bags, and paper towels...then we are set for whatever happens or doesn't. we all know that i like being prepared. if the hwy's go, the supply trucks can't get in and our guys are not going to be left wanting and looking into an empty bag. and if the flood never happens well then, oh well, we have enough food and supplies to take a break from shopping for a bit..

the evening routine is brutal now...two sets of field runs to accomondate all of the dogs. swinger's leg's hosing and all the extra meds, laundry and clean up's from the icky pittie,s make quite a big evening workload. i am bagged.

i was watching jazz tonight and was reminded that mo pointed out that jazz has been aging while i have kept her at ten. she is actually 13 now which is very old for a rotti, but boy you would never know it wjhen she is out for her run. jazz is one of my permanent fixtures, like bill and michael and cole. even cole is no longer that 11 yr old husky, he is 13 now too. and michael our 16 yr old troll? well, really he is almost 18 yrs now. holy crap!

time has always been my biggest enemy. ever enough to get it all done and much too short for those you love.


Angela from NY

OMG- I can't believe Jazz is 13! Our Venice is a Rottie and I hope he lives that long! ... I read that on a raw food diet they really should live longer than the statistics - but it is very confusing - oh and he is neutered of course :)