Rescue Journal

jolie has joined the saints pack

Carol  ·  Jun. 2, 2007

i didn't really bother before because 2 were leaving right away and it is a whole different kettle of fish introducing 3 pitties than it is just one. the three give each other confidence and they can feed off each other too. today jolie is quiet and sad and wondering where her good friends went. it is the perfect time to introduce her to the rest of the guys which i took full advantage of. we have had a good long field run, and an even longer lounging around on the grass. bill was the only one who really wanted to play with her and he is so old he needs to play standing still...that kind of confused her a bit.

now the door to her room is open to the kitchen and me and she is starting to wander a bit. i hope she cheers up in a day or so and i hope brie and george are doing ok tonight too.



i am very glad she is doing well with all the other animals. she is still my fav. of the three. sweet sweet girl. hopefully she gets better soon and can go to her own foster home too.

I think it is a great idea to have old pitties carol. old pitties are the best. they just keep getting better if that is possible.


i am very happy she is staying for a bit more. she is so sweet. on saturday i came into her room for a bit after george and brie had gone and she just came and plonked her big butt on my lap and waited for attention.


you know tho, at some point i should find a old senior and wrecked pitbull for saints...3 or 4 of our volunteers are changing their minds about pitties since meeting this sweet trio and i am sure the same will be true of all the visitors we get too....someday maybe we can have a real saints pitbull ambassador of our own. they truly are very nice dogs.
unlike chicklet who wanted to kill jolie today, who very kindly just tried to get away from the maniacal mosquito....gosh that little dog is a menace.


Carol is holding Jolie until her bowel movements are more solid. Then, HugABull will be putting her in a foster home.

Francesca Wilson

Dear Carole

I am glad Jolie is staying. It will be good for me to feel comfortable around a pit bull. I of course have all the usual preconceived ideas about them which I need to change! I saw the article in the Spring 2007 Modern Dog magazine about SAINTS - good article.

Take care