Rescue Journal

did NOT want to get out of bed this morning...

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2007

but i did and i cleaned up jolie's and the others presents. cup of tea, off to work and thank god i am off monday and tuesday cuz by day 5 of me working, this place is toast. last night i fell asleep fantasizing about moving EVERYTHING outside, cleaning EVERY crook and cranny, and moving only half the stuff back was a good day dream cuz it won't happen, but i felt good when i fell asleep.

normal people night time fantasize about sex and money, with me it is cleaning. very sad.

monty is full of beans and wants to play. jolie wants to cuddle, tom and sweet pea are refusing to get out of my bed and i think i forgot and left tyra outside so i better go and get her.

my burning question of the day?

how do we dredge out the pond to keep it nicer and cleaner and fresher? i need a pond dredging/freshening expert to pick their brain.