Rescue Journal

The "True" rescue

Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2007

true is a senior dog at one of the animal controls that i have been fussing about for awhile. she was facing euth. because she had quite a few not so attractive lumps, bumps and things hangng off of her which kind of affected her adoptability (what the heck is that hanging off her lip??)

soooo...we are full, she is big and we offered to have all of her decorations removed and biopsied if the pound would keep looking for a home for her (one of them turned out to be a grade 2 sarcoma but with good clean margins) was a good deal for both sides, esp. true. we put the word out with the boxer recsues that true was willing and waiting for some help, they were full. we talked her around and asked others to do the same...and true sat there patiently waiting.

her kennel mate 'nelson" was adopted by a nice family and he is a nice dog but a bit of a doorknob. and then they contacted me about possibly fostering true. nelson the doorknob was racking up the vet bills so they were understandably nervous about taking on another senior dog.

to make a long story short, true is now living with the doorknob as a saints foster and apparently this newest saint is a bit of a doorknob herself. her mom is really nice but also really real and i like that alot AND i think her new mom is way smarter than both the doorknobs put together.

sooo, true has some arthritic issues that our vet can easily take care of and i have suggested she call leila for some training suggestions and possibly a referral to a good trainer so true can move past the door knob stage.

we will see how the story of the true rescue unfolds, and welcome dawn to the saints family...good job!!!!



anyone who really loves a dorky dog will do absolutely fine by them dawn. have fun!


Day 3 and all is setteling down in the house. True is a wonderfull dog. Nelson is still a dork :)
I have had two good walks with them now (Cause the first few didn't go well) True figured out really fast that my cat is off limits and all he!! will break loose if she goes near him. I have booked a vet appointment for Saturday to get her some pain meds, she is in alot of pain trying to sit or lay down. Also limps on walks. Nelson limped too when we got him but pain meds have made him a puppy again. Ahyhoo, thank you Carol for your kind words. I will try my best to do good by these two wonderfull senior dogs that only deserve the best.


That's great news, Carol. Nelson and True are both lovely dogs, I sure hope it works out well for them.