Rescue Journal

chicklet goes bezerke

Carol  ·  Jun. 5, 2007

and who exactly does she start chasing around and leaping for her tail???? TYRA! if ANY dog over 20 pounds tried that shit with her, she'd nail them in a second. poor phebers spends more time running from tyra and the other prime bitchy boss, maude, than she does doing anything else. but tyra is a very good lead dog and she doesn't kill the crazy little ones despite some pretty good provocation from chicky-poo.

i think insanity might be catchy. tom was going nuts trying to nose dive into the milkshake i made tonight. i kept pushing him behind me on the couch and he kept squeezing back under my arm and trying to climb into my cup. i shouldn't have been eating it tho cuz it is for jolie's meds. there is just enough left for the ivermec tonight so i have to buy more for tomorrow...still, it was a really good milk shake!

i got alot done today and am still working thru the laundry. i thought i was pretty much dead on my feet by 4 pm when i finished the dump run but have gotten my second wind now. but i did not get my flowers planted and i really wanted to get to that, oh well maybe tomorrow night after work.

the rain sucks for the flooding issues but it sure is good for our newly fertilized field...i could not have asked for better green grass growing weather, and while i know i shouldn't, i am not so secretly kind of happy.

the barn door blew shut on petunia and she got stuck out in the rain. i felt so bad for her which is probably stupid cuz i didn't feel the least bit bad for ellie mae. anyway i took off my work shirt (i had a tank on underneath) and dried her off. when i got in, i tossed it into the laundry and then that menace jolie, pulled it out and ate it. it was my very favorite work shirt not that jolie cared.

i am dreading another full week of working, i needed just one more day off to catch up on everything here...i think we should nationally advocate for a 4 day work week with a full five day pay.



" I think we should nationally advocate for a 4 day work week with a full five day pay" .

Doh ! I'm in