Rescue Journal

tom has morning sickness

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2007

little caro has joined tom and sweetpea at night in the hotel carol's bed. unlike the other two who sleep there quietly, caro flips and flops and licks himself for a long, long, time. he also walks over top of tom's who are quietly sleeping under the covers. he doesn't recognize that a lump in the bed might be someone real who can't breathe if you lay on their head.

tom woke me up before the alarm this morning cuz i heard him retching somewhere in the vicinity of my knee. i managed to grab him and get him on the floor before he barfed on my newly washed sheets. he has been vomitting a little bit every day lately, i am starting to wonder with his ravenous appetite if the cancer has invaded his stomach now. sigh, i love that turtle-foot hobbit. i wish i could have known him before he was 18.

jolie is currently killing a stuffy in the kitchen, she was killing my citronella stop spray can but she was fine with a switch in victims and is quite enjoying chewing on the poor stuffy's ears. HugaBull may have a foster for her by the weekend,,,hope they have alot of chew toys!

well...i better go and pull that lazy sweetpea out of bed and get dressed for work...3 more weeks and then i am on vacation and can just do fun things like poop and scoop without a deadline...(i have 11 and a half minutes to finish this yard...) and that will be nice to take my time a bit more.

(it drives chris nutz when i write poop and scoop cuz she must think it means i poop and then i scoop but it does not cuz i have a renovated bathroom with a low water usage toilet... do you know that those things cost like $500? no wonder that bathroom cost me so much to renovate!..) anyway, actually. it means....THEY poop and I scoop and it flows better to write "poop and scoop" plus it sounds way more fun...poop scooping sounds like work, gross)