Rescue Journal

day off 1 is almost done

Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2007

tom and i just shared our dinner of nacho's with 7 layer bean dip with tyra, wilbur, sweetpea, chicklet, sissy and buddy (i have to admit that we didn't give the others their fair share, but tom and i ate alot!) i think i might be too full to go out to the barn for awhile, sigh, this is why gluttony is a sin. tom is a bigger sinner than me tho cuz he is still fussing for more.

more new incoming.....gus is an 18 year old cat surrendered to a vet clinic a year ago for litter box issues. he briefly had a home but he kept peeing outside his box. since he has returned to the clinic he is losing weight and is significantly depressed. he has some gastro/intestinal issues and is on meds. the clinic will do a geri-panel on him and nicole will pick him up and bring him to saints on thursday. we will see if gus is happier on my bed. apparently he likes dogs so hopefully he likes alot of them. anyway, hopefully old cats might prefer to finish off what is left of their journey's on a bed, even if said bed is kind of can always hope. fingers are crossed here.

percy is without a doubt THE most handsome, clean and softly shiny young steer on the face of the earth. he is so perfect, except he is STILL coughing. i don't know why he is not kicking this chest thing, he is the picture of health in all other ways. but this will be the fourth time i have the vets out for him for this.i wonder if cattle get TB? i am going to look that up later.

ellie is without a doubt THE most beautiful farm pig princess in the world too...this must be why she and percy are such very good friends, they are both royal blue-blood saints.

gideon was frolicking alot today and everytime he frolicked, spritely frolicked with him. i cannot tell you how very cool it is to watch a 31 year old mostly blind horse frolicking around the fields like a youngster. he is my white knight in shining armour. i think swinger was thinking about frolicking too but he was torn between this and and grazing, grazing won until the others were out of sight and then he reluctantly went looking for them.

i didn't do the dump run, i was just too damn tired so i had a nap on the couch with the little guys for half an hour instead. that was a waste cuz now i still have to fit the dump run in tomorrow and maybe i won't have the extra half hour to waste. sometimes i make stupid choices.

we had a couple of new volunteers tour thru today, pat is hoping to start later in the week and debbie rolled up her sleeves and jumped in with both feet. welcome to you both!!!!!!!

ok, i think my gut has reduced enough now that i can walk. off to see the barn buddies and walk the dogs in the wet green grass (they love that!)