Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2007

is still here by the way, fosters are sometimes few and far between for everyone.i happen to be good at many things but i do suck at training. so if someone is actually not bugging or irritating me, i pretty much let them do whatever it is that makes them happy. point in fact...jolie is more than welcome to stand up on her back legs to give me sweet pitty hugs and kisses AS LONG as she is gentle and soft with with her feet. but enthusiastically climbing up when i am sitting down and ripping the skin off my scalp as she tries to get the best grip, prettty much ticks me off. as does 50 pounds of hello tag out on a run.....sooo we are working on doing what makes her happy, nicely and gently, and utterly painlessly for soft, weak humans.

now...some people will tell you that the dogs can't differentiate between nice and polite stand up hello's and the too much of a good thing kind. sorry, that is BS. a dog learns very quickly polite play behavior and what is over the top too much. do the other dogs teach them not to play?, no, they teach them to play nicely and within reason. it is not always all or nothing. you can teach dogs the middle ground. i like soft sweet pitty hugs and kisses. i like her keeping me company while i wash the dishes. i do not like her nose in the cat food bowls when i am preparing them nor do i like to be hurt by her freaking plate sized paws.

last night she was soooooo cute. she found a small washable incontinent pad somewhere and was carrying it around for the longest time. she would bring it to me to show me that she had it and she was so happy that she did. and then she would go back to her bed to hold it there for a second or two before she needed to show it to me again. this went on for almost an hour before i finally turned off the light to go to sleep. a couple of times during the night i felt her paws gently up on the bed and quiet little kisses on my cheek and then she was gone like a drifting gentle dream until later i felt her again.

jolie is a very nice dog. and she actually learns my kind of rules pretty quick (but sometimes she is just TOO happy and then she forgets)



no problem danielle...all of them are lovely dogs, it would have been too sad if they didn't get a chance at a better life.
how are george and bree doing?

Danielle at HugABull

Carol, your descriptions of Jolie are so great - I feel like we're really getting to know her through you! Again, I can't stress enough how much we appreciate your help with these girls. Good news though - I've probably found a foster home for our last "icky pitty" *fingers crossed* - I'll let you know asap!

BTW, what day of the week is it that their med dosage increases? We bumped up once, but I think it's due to go up again...