Rescue Journal

name the puppy contest

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2007

because yes we have a puppy. eva's grandson rescued her from an abusive home by talking them into giving her to them and then they brought her here. they thought she was injured, but i think she is just terrified. she is very cute, about 10-12 weeks old, a black and tan something or other. totally traumatized and afraid of people, big time, but very interested in the other dogs. tyra is babysitting her for me, tyra loves little puppies. chicklet is of course once again behind bars. hmmm. i will have to decide what we are going to do with her. such a responsibility for such a tiny babe.

in any case she needs a name. i still hold veto power, life is not fair and neither am i.



I'm into the florals. And she is so tiny and delicate. I can't wait to meet her!


Sasha....that was my goofy RottiXBassett girl. She was dumb as can be but sweet sweet sweet. Sasha's face was identical to the puppy's there.


How about "Liberty", since she's been liberated from such a sad life, into freedom and love.
She could be Libby for short :)


Mmmmmm, nothing better than puppy kisses and puppy breathe. I hope she starts feeling safe and happy like a puppy should soon. Poor little thing. Names let see how about Tink, Lucy, Meg, Love Muffin(Muffin for short), Flower, Stella. Hard to suggest without having met her. Whatever you choose will be just the right one because it's not so much the name but how you say it, full of love!!! Welcome little one!

Francesca Wilson

Good for Eva's grandson - I'm sure the puppy's fears will start to melt after walks to the pond, loving environment and no abuse. Welcome new puppy - life is going to get better now.

Without a viewing I like the names, Maisie, Hazel, Iris!!!



i think a dobie cross...maybe a bit of pittie...what the heck do i know, i don't do puppies or at least haven't for like 10 years!

anyway...right now she is little no-name baby


i'll take some pics tomorrow when i'm out.
you can't name a dog without seeing her first.
and i don't think i'll even try because no one ever likes my names.


big dog? little dog?
long hair or short?
what do her ears look like?