Rescue Journal

roller coaster

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2007

it is not very often that i waste myself. where i drain out every little bit of everything and the only care or concern i keep is for the animals and me. i don't know if i could drain myself even further so that i stop caring for them too but i won't go there to find out. i feel hot today, almost feverish, with my headache just below the surface. both indications that these last few weeks are toasting me.

it is a bit of an eye opener when all of a sudden you find the off switch won't turn back on right now. i pretty much don't care right now about other peoples issues, sorrows and problems because i can't see past my own. i can feel that lack of concern and judgemental shortness welling up and what scares me even more is i really don't even feel like faking it til it comes back for real, which from past experience, i know that it will (once i take care of my own things)

the problem with rescue is it never ends. day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, someone, somewhere wants more out of you. sometimes it is little things, sometimes it is big, sometimes it is fair, and sometimes it is not. and always behind it all is the animals, driving you forward, making you give every single ounce of effort and then some too.

when i get angry and resentful, it is mostly at humans. even when the animals are driving me around the bend like phoebe is right now, i can still problem solve a solution, even if it is one i have been avoiding as a last resort. but people? man, there ain't no solutions. fix their problem, give them what they want or they get mad. end of story. just like i am mad about my floor. i am past negotiation, i am past playing fair and polite. i want that floor fixed and it will be because i will not let this go.

of course the difference is, the flooring company accepted a great deal of my money in return for that floor. as far as i know, no one has ever paid me personally for doing rescue, at least no human ever has. but yes, the animals do pay me regularly, which is why i still feel deep and genuine care for them.

odd world that i live in. one that hurts me in so many different ways. and one that brings me such joy.

the high speed up and down and all around, til you puke, then go for it again.

i must be insane.



I hear you Carol, you have a lot of responsibity there now with more then last year and winter is not that far away and we think we are working hard now. I hear 'me' when i speak to you now ( yikes) and i see it when you drop in on the fly between clients.
The fact of the matter is we can't do what we do with out help.. and i just about killed myself starting with all that snow in November and shear stubborness to do what i had to do for them got me threw... had of i had a stroke out here shoveling snow it may have taken two days before anyone found me there. um i best rethink what iam doing here.. when i am alone. And then the flood never mind the mix of losses and i dug holes in the ground four feet deep many of them threw 2 1/2 ft of snow by flashlight at midnight. Sure i did it .. but will the next hole kill me...

I am going on about myslef here but only because we share in what we are trying to do for the msot part alone and it could kill both of us.

And then what ..who will take over for us then when just a little more help is hard to find now.

We tell each other that if one goes the other will ahve to take each others resposniblites on.. if we are not careful this could be a reality.

I hope you find the relif you need Carol and I will add msyelf to that wish and hope before winter i get mine.


To restore a little bit of your faith in humans, I have asked my husband if he will put your fans up in the barn and he will. Call me and we will make the arrangements. You won't have to pay him and he will come back if there are any problem (unlike your floor guys) :)

Hope that will make your day a bit better.

Take care of yourself first. Everything else will fall into place.

Chris T

Re-entry at your warp speed would sap the strength and will of most people. You will triumph though and re-learn how to get it all done like you did before. Take care Carol.