Rescue Journal

peanut is moving to nicole's for fostering

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2007

she needs some intensive human socialization, my feeding her popcorn on my lap is just not enough. but she really does like popcorn, as does tom, chicky, and sweet pea. tyra and joe said forget it and tugs missed out cuz he is asleep in my room.

honestly i think tom would eat cardboard if he thought i was eating it without him. gosh that dog thinks non stop about food.

still no improvement with gus, i have run thru almost 400 mls of ringers lactate in 36 hours. his vet appointment is at 12:15 tomorrow, i have no more hope. occasionally he softly purrs when i touch him, but mostly he just sleeps. i am not sure why i feel like i let him down. it is not like there was much i could do considering he crashed within a day and a half of arrival, but i do feel responsible for this way in which he will end his life. i just hope when he passes to the other side he knows i am so sorry.

i have done little since 2 pm today, pretty much just finished the laundry, cared for gus and put the barn guys to bed. i feel headachy and tired and skipped the dogs evening field run, i just couldn't deal with their barking as they run thru the gates. i am sure my neighbors might have appreciated the quieter sunday early evening too. at least i hope they did cuz the dogs think they got ripped off.

i re-organized my bedroom and the cat room a bit over the past couple of days. both areas have better space usage so i don't feel so crowded out. phebes had a quick power nap with me on the bed, but it didn't last long before peanut woke up and started bugging tom. tom was up on the couch and peanut had her front feet up there and was flinging them around in his face. tom was choked and yellling at her to piss off. she was yelling right back, "come on old man, loosen up and don't be such a grump"

it brought back memories of when tom first arrived and he would dart out at eva from his bed trying to get rid of her too. sometimes i forget that these guys sometimes have a bit of a temper cuz mostly stuff goes their way around here so they don't get mad. well tom was mad today, he does not like that pup!

between pitbulls and puppies lately, it is no wonder i am kind of bagged out. remind me to stick to our mandate.



well..... on behalf of the senior saints, we are very grateful that she will soon be chewing on your dogs and raising hell in your house within a day or so!
order in a pizza tomorrow nicole.


Peanut's name is now Callie. She's passed out in the crate. It's frightening that someone so small can be so scared of the world. A puppy her age should be chewing on things and raising hell, not shrieking when anyone touches her.