Rescue Journal

saints welcomes roxy

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2007

a very old yorkie cross with absolutely rotten teeth. she was found running loose across lougheed hwy next to a rural grooming shop. the feeling is she may have been dumped there as no one in the neighborhood has ever seen her before and dog dumping at this grooming shop is kind of a regular occurence. she has a tattoo that was traced back to her original owners but they said they gave her away many years ago and did not want her back. they were able to provide the phone number of the people who took her but it is out of service. the owner of the grooming shop already has 6 dogs abandoned at her shop, she can not keep another one (this is according to her husband, husbands sometimes are just no fun!) so i am sure she is either lost or abandoned or presumed dead (another one of those not dead dogs that were eaten by coyotes,,,not) i guess we will see if anyone comes looking for her. i will call the pound tomorrow, maybe she has a good family who lost her just before booking a very much needed dental.

and now todays funny...chicklet..... she knows damn well there is a new dog around here somewhere really close. she can smell her. so there is chicklet running around the cat room, nose up in the air, snarling and looking for that new intruder so she can kick the crap out of her.

except, chicklet isn't blind, and she trusts her eyes more than her nose so she keeps running past the new yorkie cuz she thinks that is one of our old and existing yorkies, but it is is the new one. finally on like the 20th pass she brushes close enough to catch the source of this new dog scent..."oh, it is a yorkie again, and i already saw you 20 times, how many yorkies do we have now anyway??"...i guess chicky can't count ....anyway she went back to bed, no kicking the crap out of anyone tonight..