Rescue Journal

trish is good tonight and other snippets of news.

Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2007

looks like she bounced right back. of course the question now becomes, will she continue to stroke?

i checked with the pound....a BYB lost a young male yorkie (which animal control staff found) but no one reported missing a senior female.

they also found an absolutely beautiful 4 or 5 month old dobie pup starving up in the steelhead area. he is looking for a home!!!

java, the really, truly wonderful senior shep cross is STILL waiting for a home. she has been there forever which is so unfair cuz she is a lovely dog.

last report, true is doing well with her foster home.

daphne, another foster dog, underwent a very expensive surgery today to repair her luxating patella. daphne is such a great, great dog, little miss sunshine! anyway, i better give the vets some money towards the bill or they might repossess her. they would never repossess phoebe, but daphne is just too cool.

nicole, you have just got to get a video of sweetpea hopping thru the very long grass, gosh she looks cute.

roxy had her first field run, she liked it alot. she is fully intergrated and fits in like a glove.

michael still has the runs but so far, knock on wood ,he has managed to stand up before he loses control again.. keep up the good work michael, my back hurts so lets avoid another bath for a bit.

jazz was all over the property tonight, she had a blast!

it is a beautiful and peaceful evening. i love it here tonight.