Rescue Journal

oh, the possibilities....

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2007

the people at saints are almost as phenomenol as the animals, not quite, but pretty darn close. and mostly we are as old and wrecked and have almost as many varied and multiple health issues as the animals do. instead of the blind leading the blind, here at saints it is the wrecked caring for the more wrecked. of course i worry about the day when the balance shifts and it becomes the wrecked being cared for by the twice as wrecked. mo and nicole are still pretty darn healthy so maybe when we are all toast, they can just look after the rest of us.

my big issues are chronic pain and menopause. arthrotec fixes the pain if you remember to take it and trust me once you start aching all over, you do remember. but i am still struggling thru the whole change of life thing. the good thing about where i work is, you can pretty much find out about anything from a very large group who actually have a real knowledge base based on clinical or personal experience.

so i went asking about menopause and who was doing what, and how they were coping and what the heck did they know that i didn't. and i learned something i did not know (gynie is not one of the areas i have worked or accumulated alot of knowledge about)...except i have already forgotten the name of the proceedure, i think it was something like uterine abdulation cryo-therapy but have to check so don't quote me.

anyway you go into surgical day care and they burn the crap out of the lining of the uterus so it no longer no more shedding the lining every single month. it cannot possibly be healthy to burn the crap out of one's uterus to render it non functional but holy smoke! what a good idea. several of the nurses i spoke with had the proceedure done and were very happy with the results.

this could have been the answer to my most pressing issue which is the utter unfair cruelty of PMS'ing and going thru menopause at the very same time.

except i am not letting anyone burn the crap out of anything that is actually attached to me. i will keep soliciting the nurses for other ideas. my simple solution was just to let one of our vets spay me...the animals do fine after that. but like my idea for carol's home euthanization when that time comes, none of them will take the plunge from animal problem fixing to human. sigh, too bad.



I'm trying to figure out how to get them to spay me too!
I don't need this thing anymore, I've done my fair share of childbearing, so how do I convince them it's in my best interest to remove it?
I don't actually get PMS, so I think it would be great. And if they could do it laprosopically while I was awake, that would be all the better!
I think I'm poop out of luck on all accounts though!

Courtenay W

My aunt had the "burn out your uterus" thing done, and is very happy with the results. My mom went to have it done, but they wouldn't do it until she was over 45, cause it usually causes sterility. So instead she got this hormone-releasing IUD thing. She likes it..
Me, I'm too young for them to do anything but put me on the pill.. if you find someone to spay you, I'm next in line :)

Chris T

I think they only do uterine ablasion (sp?) if you are bleeding almost continuously. A friend of mine recently had it done. I don't think it would do anything about the pms though because you would still have your ovaries which is what is causing the pms to begin with...