Rescue Journal

batten down the hatches

Carol  ·  Jun. 24, 2007

big storm moving in, the thunder is still distant but by the look of the sky it might get alot closer. all the barn guys are in and their windows closed. the doors and windows to the dogs are shut, i have locked the doggy doors with everyone inside and the TV's are on very loud. everyone knows i am home so there is no need to freak out and eat the walls. ok? please?



I'm by Lougheed Mall & we didn't have hail but had torrential loud rain & thunder & lightning for over 1/2 an hour.

Glad to hear it passed you by, Carol.


it rained alot but the thunder stayed far away...don't think you missed much of anything mo, or at least not here, just the big storm that never came.


Wow did I miss something or what ????? I was up Burke Mtn at that time ...and there wasn't any thunder or anything... personally I love a good storm as long as all my loved ones are safe.


i was going to phone to make sure you were home. It was pretty crazy out here, lots of thunder and lightning and a little bit of hail. hope everyone stays calm and keeps the house in one piece.