Rescue Journal

kiss and tell

Carol  ·  Jun. 25, 2007

one should rent bobcats more often because one can find missing in action 2nd septic tanks in an unknown location in one's riding ring. greg found the missing tank when the cat's wheel broke thru the cement lid...yahooo! now we can hook up the plumbing in both the shops! bye bye porta-potty!

three very nice new volunteers came by today...they took laundry home!!!!! i really like these folks ALOT!

the dogs had a couple of good runs today and all are already crashed for the night. they ate most of my mac and cheese and i am still hungry. sigh, i don't dare get anything else to eat or they will all wake up again and want some. a dozen dogs make for a fairly reliable diet plan.

eva gave me a bunch of slightly icky, slimey fruits/vegies that weren''t good enough for the bunnies for ellie's dinner tonight. she tossed them right out of her bowl...she is a high class pig and only eats grade A produce. next time eva can chuck her own cast offs. how many pigs let you wrap your arms around them and kiss them all over? i bet ellie is the only one, i love her.

percy found a new playmate today who is even tougher than he is. it was the bobcat. greg said that apparently percy likes to head butt thousand pound, solid steel, earth moving machines. at least the bobcat doesn't run away from him like the rest of us do when he is in a playful mood. since percy lets me hug and kiss him also, i love him too.

oh heck, i even love that sod swinger and there is no way he would let me kiss him even if i wanted to, which i don't!



thx francesca!
gosh, you are brave cathy, i'd be afraid swinger, with that deadly head swing, would either break my nose or bite it off.
he has actually been slighly decent the past few days, maybe the kiss made him nice.

Francesca Wilson

Don and I will come out on Saturday around 10:00 am to help with anything.