Rescue Journal

mo's of mice and men

Carol  ·  Jun. 28, 2007

mo's comment about the best laid plans of mice and men became a reality this week (even tho she couldn't actually remember the real saying). the mud, the machines, the weather and now time itself has conspired against us. going to hell in a hand basket pretty darn quick. and this is where i have to watch myself, my natural inclination and life long pattern of stubborness and let's get this fixed mentality. which is why we are in a mess now. last week we were coasting along just fine with a muddy, soggy riding ring and now, that ring is almost empty and waiting for it's new dry surface but the rest of the property is in a sad state of affairs. this is the problem of blindly going where i have not gone before....the learning curve is a bit tricky cuz i can't see where we are going until we get there. except i do know the rain is coming and we are decidedly hooped.

ahhh well, caution is now the key word...go slow, think it thru, and plan it in tiny clear steps and one day what i see inside my head will be..... a small world free of freaking mud with green grass and a small gravel path running thru it.